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GPT Track is for high school, collegiate, and post collegiate sprinters, hurdlers, and horizontal jumpers that want to achieve their full potential on the track. The program helps athletes improve their marks and reduce injuries by providing them with individualized training that addresses personal strengths and weakness as well as their event-specific needs.


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GPT Summer Track Club

When: Week of July 10th through August 25th
Hours: 9am-11:30am for track only group or 11:30am-2pm
11:30am-3pm for track and weight room group
Where: TBD track (Near Natick, MA) and Encompass Fitness in Natick, MA

The GPT Summer Track Club is the ideal way for sprinters, jumpers, and hurdlers to take advantage of their off season. GPT Club athletes receive an assessment to identify their strengths and weaknesses by assessing their running form, posture, mobility, general strength, and event skill. They then work closely with Matt Gardner throughout the summer with an individualized training program catering to their needs as an athlete.

On the track, athletes run individualized workouts in a small-group atmosphere.  A typical session includes a warm-up focused on proper mechanics, event training, running workout, plyometric drills, body-weight strength training, and a cool-down.  In the weight room, athletes use a combination of olympic lifts (cleans and snatch variations), squats, single leg exercises, presses, pulling, and core exercises to develop their strength and power.  For athletes transitioning into a fall sport other than track, training will be designed and executed so they are prepared for their sport while also furthering their general track skills.

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Additional GPT Summer Track Club Perks

Nutritional Assessment
GPT Track Club participants will receive a complementary private nutritional assessment by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Matt Stranberg

Massage Therapy
GPT Track Club athletes will also have access to discounted massage therapy services by GPT Track massage therapist Greg Haggard LMT.

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GPT Summer Track Club Programs and Prices:

Track Only Programs
2 track only sessions per week plus programming-3 payments of $215

3 track only sessions per week plus programming- 3 payments of $295

Track and Weight Room Programs
3 track and weight room sessions per week plus programming- 3 payments of $350

4 or more track and weight room sessions per week plus programming- 3 payments of $420

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GPT Summer Track Club

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