Gardner Performance Training offers custom solutions to help clients achieve their athletic and fitness goals.  Personal training, Semi-Private Training, GPT Track, Club Athlete Training, Nutritional Consulting, and Distance/Correspondence Coaching provide options to assemble a custom program that meet the clients needs and circumstances.

Personal Training

Individual coaching provides an opportunity for the highest level of detail in instruction and maximizes client and coach interaction.  Some clients prefer Personal Training for all of their sessions while for others, one on one intensives can be a great way to get them started on a path to success in other training formats.  Clients also find personal training sessions to be a great option  for intensive coaching sessions to master more complex skills or challenging training elements.

Semi-Private Training

Training in small groups provides an environment for camaraderie and observational learning, while still enjoying the individualization and high level of coaching detail that set GPT apart.  Groups are of 4 or less to ensure quality instruction and the reduced cost of semi-private training allows clients  to train more frequently while staying within their budget

GPT Track 

GPT Track is for high school, collegiate, and post collegiate sprinters, hurdlers, and horizontal jumpers that want to achieve their full potential on the track. The program helps athletes improve their marks and reduce injuries by providing them with individualized training that addresses personal strengths and weakness as well as their event-specific needs.

By developing complete programs with expert coaching GPT Track helps athletes take advantage of their off season so they can return to the track faster, stronger, and healthier next year.

Club Athlete Training

This is training for athletes with large training quality and training frequency demands.  Off season field and court sport athletes that train with a high frequency require lots of movement and sport preparation work in addition to traditional Strength and Conditioning.  These programs make high level, highly effective, and complete athletic preparation affordable.  Professional Athletes, Junior National competitors, State Champions, State Record holders, and kids that wanted to make a big leap in their sport have trained and had tremendous success in these programs.

Nutritional Consulting

Training is a stimulus for adaptation, but nutrition and recovery is where improvements are realized.  Clients receive council and information on nutritional topics.  More detailed nutritional plans and monitoring are available for currently training clients and also to those who do not train with GPT, but want highly effective Nutritional Consulting.

Distance and Correspondence Coaching

For certain trainees distance coaching can be an excellent option to train with a plan and the monitoring for success.  Even though your location or schedule may not allow you to train with Gardner Performance Training in person, you can still have access to excellent programming and coaching feedback via detailed training and video analysis (clients who train less frequently in person often combine in person training options with correspondence coaching to make a complete plan).  Whether distance coaching is a good fit or not is highly dependent on the nature of the clients goals and training experience.


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